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and cutting

of any construction materials
using professional diamond drill
bits and cutting discs
Drilling diameters
from 3 mm to 750 mm
Cutting of any apertures –
doors, windows, process-orientated
We work on site across
all of Latvia, as well as abroad

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Advantages of diamond

No dust present during work
Water and special dust extractors are used in the work process, completely preventing the occurrence of dust inside the premises. We can also work in clean room facilities.
No finishing necessary
The surface of the drilled holes is smooth and does not require additional finishing.
Vibration-free drilling
Unlike with hammer drills, diamond drilling is vibration-free. The noise is reduced to a minimum without causing inconvenience to neighbours.
Safe for others
The absence of vibration and dynamic impact loads on the reinforced concrete guarantees that not a single crack will appear on your neighbours’ premises.
Cutting from one side
The cut is made from one side and directly through the material. Cutting depth up to 720 mm.
Drilling in any surface
Drilling is possible in any surface – floors, ceilings, walls, foundations, as well as at an angle. It should be noted that the thickness of the construction material can reach or exceed 3 metres.
Work in narrow spaces
We can cut apertures in narrow spaces (up to 1 m in width) where the use of traditional technology (hammer drill) would be impossible or difficult.
The work is 2-5 times faster
Depending on the material to be drilled, the drilling speed is several times faster with diamond segment bits.

What determines the
price of the service?

The price of drilling work is quoted on
an individual basis and is largely affected by:
the diameter of the diamond bit to be used
the wall thickness
the material to be drilled
presence of granite or metal in the material
the volume of work

What drilling/cutting
is used for

Drilling of
utility shafts:
Water mains
Electric power
Electric power Any apertures for pipelines, cables and other utilities
of apertures
For example, in the case of needing to install equipment that is much larger than the door aperture
Expansion of elevator shafts:
Expansion and smoothing of existing shafts
Cutting of new shafts
90% of all elevator shafts in newly constructed buildings need to be expanded because the builders leave excess concrete
and teardown:
Renovation of indoor premises
Teardown of foundations
Teardown of floors
Teardown of walls
We carry out work of any level of complexity
of piles:
Cutting of pile caps
Stripping concrete from reinforcement
Removal of waste and caps
Diamond cutting is vibration-free; thus it does not affect the quality of the pile and it prevents the occurrence of micro fissures between metal and concrete
"The majority of new buildings in Riga are built on pile foundations nowadays. Our company was one of the pioneers of pile "trimming" technology using the diamond technique."
"Using professional equipment, we can cut through any construction material at any depth.
Where a larger cutting thickness is required, we use a wire rope."

Yuri Nakhodkin
Lead expert

Do you need to drill
a shaft or cut an aperture?

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How does it work?

Watch a short video

What sites
do we work at?

Private homes
Shopping malls
New buildings
Workshops, plants
Port facilities
Railway stations
Power plants

Why choose us?

We have been
in business since 1993
We have more than 27 years of experience in the field of diamond cutting and drilling
Experienced, certified specialists
The average experience of our staff is 15 years. All members of staff have been professionally trained, including training in Sweden
Our own
We have a full range of equipment and tools at our disposal
Working in the field
We can work under field conditions where utilities are not available
We work at height
and under water
Our hydraulic equipment is suited for drilling/cutting, even under water
Individual orders
We can work in conditions ranging from -10 degrees to +600 degrees
Working all across
Latvia and abroad
We work at sites located anywhere in Latvia, as well as abroad
Our prices
have not increased
since 1998
Our business is so reliable, that even our prices have not changed for over 20 years

We have worked
at the following sites

The Latvian National Opera
We took part in the construction (1993-1994)
Exploration (1997)
Līvu Akvaparks
We took part in the construction (2004)
Swedbank (Hansabanka)
head office
We took part in the construction
Riga Railway Station
We took part in the reconstruction
We took part in the construction (2007-2019)
The National Library of Latvia
We took part in the construction
Jaunā Teika
We took part in the construction
U.S. Embassy in Riga
Projects on repeated occasions
Embassy of Russia in Riga
Projects on repeated occasions
Latvian ports
Riga, Ventspils, Liepāja

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